Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

We had a fantastic, fun filled Memorial Day!

In the morning we went to the zoo, saw all the animals, rode the carousel and the train! The kiddos had a blast! It is fun because Victoria is to the age where she enjoyed seeing the animals too. She would point at them and say "see, see!" and then say "WOWWW!" Lol! She was saying "mommeys" (monkeys) "beaw" (bear) and "otter"! We ate lunch at the Cafe Africa at the zoo and did some more then came home for naps.. The kids were so tired out that they were asleep within 2 mins of being in the car! After naptime, we went to Aunt Tammy's pool and swam! Came home at dinner time and grilled burgers and dogs.. James slept soo well last night! We woke him up at 7:40 this morning! It was such a fun day as a family.

These two. They have such a sweet relationship!


Watching the chimps fighting.. They were going crazy!

Family zoo pic

Mama and baby gorilla! I could have watched them all day, they were so cute! The mama was laying on her side sleeping with her arms wrapped around the baby just like a person! 


Riding the train!

Snoozy black bear :)

I thought she looked so cute watching the animals!


Love this!

Beach babe!

Sunbather :)

Lil' swimmers!

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