Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random snapshots

Both carseat pics taken by Taylor of the kiddos at close to the same age!

James made himself a drum set this morning.. using two whisks for sticks ;) He would count "1, 3, 4" banging them together then he would start drumming!

This is what happens after every naptime! Whichever one is up first always tries to wake the other up. If James is up first, he says "Bird get up!" and if she is up first she tries to race in the room and run to his bed and wake him up.. Lol! Then they hug and kiss each other..So sweet!!

James got all of the canisters out of the pantry, lined them up and pointing at the big ones said " Mama, Daddy, Grandpa, etc. Then pointing at the little ones he said "Buggy, Bird" Lol!

The other day I decided to let them play with a huge box of packing peanuts! They had a blast and made a huge mess.. Lol! Glad my new vacuum easily cleaned
 them up ;) 

Cart Cuties!!

Outside fun!

It's hard to even look at these pics of us playing outside in the gorgeous weather we had! Especially when it is 30 deg outside :( But, at least we know nice weather will come again pretty soon to stay :)

Loving all the spring outfits!!

Love her blonde hair and pretty blue eyes!!

Sleepy and teething...

Tried the "top knot", it will be nice in the summertime!

outside fun!

Giving sissy wagon rides at Nana and Pa's

Taking a stroll :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


On Sunday James and Victoria were baptized! It was a very exciting day for us, one that we have been looking forward to ever since James was born! They were baptized at our church, Covenant Presbyterian.

Handsome! He was so proud of his belt and showed it to everyone! As you can tell, little sissy wanted in on the pic too ;)

Pretty girl!


Baptism actually starts at about 1:40 for those that don't want to watch the whole thing..


First time to have pigtails :)

(as you can tell James had just woken up from his nap ;) )

And, I just love this pic! She is my lil' half pint :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013


Taylor had his first conference for Laravel (Laracon) in Washington DC 2 weeks ago. It was a HUGE success.. They sold all 100 tickets and had more people on the waiting list. We expect it to be much bigger next year.. Also, there are people organizing a Laracon Amsterdam! That will be so neat for him to get to go there!!! Here are some pics:

Wow! Check out those analytics!!! Incredible.. Btw, that is Dayle speaking, he wrote one of the books out on Laravel

Hubby speaking! Lookin' like a pro! :D

Conference room day 1

Waiting for daddy at the gate!

James was very glad to see daddy! On the way to get him he said "can't wait see Daddy" <3

His biggest fan in my Laravel t ;)

Valentines Day

We had a wonderful, wonderful Valentines day! We started out the morning by making cinnamon rolls and enjoying a nice breakfast together as a family, then later that morning Taylor left and came back. He asked me to send James out to the car and he came back in with a dozen roses and said "Love you, Mama!" and Taylor said Happy Valentines Day... then Taylor gave Victoria a rose, his tiny Valentine :) She was soo thrilled! James and I made Valentines cupcakes and I made chocolate covered strawberries and raspberry chocolate cheesecake for after the kiddos bedtime :) Love my fam <3

Adorable baby Valentines <3

My Handsome Valentine 

Taylor confessed he had another Valentine.. This sweet girl :)

Valentines sign I made for the wall
We made Valentines together