Monday, July 29, 2013

All ready for church!

"I dancin' wif Bird!"

Love my handsome boy!!

Love my pretty little princess!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Visit with Grandma!

Grandma came to visit this week, for 5 days! We had a BLAST! It was SO much fun!! We haven't been able to see her since Victoria was a newborn, so we thoroughly enjoyed so much time together! Victoria warmed RIGHT up to her, which is incredible for her ;)

We stayed very busy- playing bubbles, puzzles, and toys with the kiddos, her and I went out to eat mexican, went to the quilt shop (and I got fun new fabrics to make 2 quilt tops!), quilted, laughed, and just had a great time!!

3 Generations!


Two pretty ladies!!!

Grandma snuggles :)

Love her so much!

I made her this necklace and she wore it the whole time she was here :)

All my new fabrics! So yummy :)


6 things I learned about Grandma during her visit here:
1. Her and I think, eat and act a lot alike
2. She is a FABULOUS and patient teacher, whether it be advanced math, quilting or puzzles with the kids
3. She is so much fun!
4. She has as sharp of a mind and as much energy as a 20 year old (even after heart cath, etc)
5. Kids love her
6. She told me so much info about math and quilts I thought my head would explode

Missing her like crazy :(

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New outfit!

I made Victoria a new outfit yesterday (she helped pick out the fabric!) :) I love how it came out!!

How cute are these tiny pants?!

Monday, July 8, 2013

My birthday!

On Saturday I turned 23.. Wow! I had a fun birthday week- dinner out with a friend, July 4th/birthday celebration, Sat bday celebration with family and fireworks!

Last year birthday and this year.. They change so much in a year!

BFF's <3

She takes a while to warm up when we go places, I don't mind the extra snuggles :)

My new purse and wallet! Taylor had me pick one out online and ordered it for my birthday.. I love it!!!

July 4th

We had a wonderful 4th of July spent with family... We set off a bunch of fireworks, swam a lot and ate a ton ;) 

Cousins :)

"Lightnings!" :)

My contribution to dinner :) 

He swam for 3+ hours and was so worn out after!

Family pic

Little miss was really fussy, teething is not fun! I thought this pic was cute anyway ;)

On Saturday we went to fireworks over the lake.. Here is James waiting for them to start, in his pj's :)

Enjoying a snack waiting for the show to start!

They were so pretty and the kiddos loved them!!

Wonder Place

We found this really cool place called The Wonder Place. It is creative play stuff for kids.. They loved it, and we plan on going a lot this summer :)

Water table 

Grocery store, sand table and cool air thing to watch the ball hang in the air!

Pizza making

The other day we made homemade pizza for dinner, the kiddos loved helping!

... at least one day the will ;)

"oh no, I all bessy!" (messy)

Yum! With fresh basil and jalapenos from our garden!!