Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy birthday, Hubby!

Yesterday was Taylor's 27th birthday, and also the day he launched Laravel 4- (if you click on the site, you can see me and Bird up in the pics on the middle left! I made him a nice brekky and he worked pretty hard all day getting L4 launched.. It was a huge hit, 1016 people on the site at one time, 37,000 total hits yesterday!!! So crazy. Last night we went to Nana and Pa's and Dad and Tina were there too.. It was fun :)

My birthday guy :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

We had a fantastic, fun filled Memorial Day!

In the morning we went to the zoo, saw all the animals, rode the carousel and the train! The kiddos had a blast! It is fun because Victoria is to the age where she enjoyed seeing the animals too. She would point at them and say "see, see!" and then say "WOWWW!" Lol! She was saying "mommeys" (monkeys) "beaw" (bear) and "otter"! We ate lunch at the Cafe Africa at the zoo and did some more then came home for naps.. The kids were so tired out that they were asleep within 2 mins of being in the car! After naptime, we went to Aunt Tammy's pool and swam! Came home at dinner time and grilled burgers and dogs.. James slept soo well last night! We woke him up at 7:40 this morning! It was such a fun day as a family.

These two. They have such a sweet relationship!


Watching the chimps fighting.. They were going crazy!

Family zoo pic

Mama and baby gorilla! I could have watched them all day, they were so cute! The mama was laying on her side sleeping with her arms wrapped around the baby just like a person! 


Riding the train!

Snoozy black bear :)

I thought she looked so cute watching the animals!


Love this!

Beach babe!

Sunbather :)

Lil' swimmers!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cute videos

Here are some videos of Victoria talking..
This is how she says have it- "habby, habby" Then "thank u" :)
I heard her counting these numbers the other day! "one, two, threee"
More words

Little snapshots

Fun after storytime at the library.. Sometimes her blue eyes take my breath away!!

Tried on her bathing suit from last year.. Had to get a bigger one, but how cute are baby swimsuits?!!

On the way to church!!

Corn on the cob! She cleaned her cob!!

My garden! Planted melons, tomatoes, okra, squash, zucchini, 3 kinds of peppers and gladiolus along the back! Just since taking this pic last week, the plants have doubled in size, thanks to all the rain we have gotten! Hopeful that we will have some yummy fresh veggies this summer!

My haircut and highlights! 

Beautiful rose on my rosebush! I ran out there first thing, coffee in hand to see if it had bloomed.. Sure enough, and I sniffed and sniffed that delicious rose fragrance complete with raindrops on it :) I. love. roses. :))

Not the best quality, but.. I thought they were cute in their tanks, Toms and denim shorts :)

Photo shoot pics

The other day I did a little photo shoot with the kiddos, and Victoria loved it! She let me pose her all different ways and I love how the pics came out!!

Garden cuties.. This pic makes my heart squeeze <3


Taking time to smell the roses... :)

                                                                        Sweet boy!