Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our trip to the zoo!

On Saturday we took a fun trip to the zoo! Our friends Emily and Ian stayed with us for a couple days and went with us.. It was a chilly day so some of the animals were in hiding but we still got to see some!

Emily, Ian and baby Nora :)


Mama Bear

This is the cheesy grin she does when she sees the camera!

My Girly :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Curtains!

I made some valances for the kitchen and I really like them! It is so much cozier now :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Harvest Brunch

Saturday we hosted our 2nd annual Harvest Brunch! We had tons of food and fun! Here are some pics:

 Pa made these wonderful boxes for me! I am going to change the filler out for each season :)

 One of the tables

 Pumpkin Roll! Yum! Thankfully I made 2, so I have leftovers to have with my coffee every day :)

Mulled Cider! Love this stuff!

Other table

Cinnamon rolls with vanilla and caramel icing

This was taken before all of the food was out.. There was a lot more!

Carved mini pumpkins filled with mums

Found this cute guy at Hobby Lobby and wrote some of the menu on it!

It was a lot of fun to plan and prepare and I look forward to next year!!


Taylor discovered that Victoria knows how to give real kisses! It is soo sweet! Here is the video:


9 months old!

Wow! It is really hard for me to believe! Where does time go?! She is still a little peanut, weighing about 15 1/2lbs.. I say about her like mom said about me when I was younger "a rolling stone gathers no moss" ;) She is a very active, very bright little girl! She pulls up, crawls, says "dada", copies us when we make silly sounds, and she is a constant sunshine! Everyone always remarks on her blue eyes and pretty smile :) Oh, and can you tell she LOVES her wagon rides?! She bounces up and down and laughs and makes an excited noise!

 All ready for church! Little lady :)

She pulls up and then starts crying a scared cry because she doesn't know how to get down!

And look who else loves wagon rides: 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall decorating!

If you don't know yet, I LOVE fall!!! It is such a wonderful time of year... Cool nights, warm pj's, cute fall clothes, hot beverages, pumpkin and caramel flavors, candles, warm baths, invigorating cool days with that delicious fall smell and I could go on and on and on ;)

Here are some pics of our fall cottage! Taylor told me about a month ago that he couldn't wait for me to decorate for fall because it makes it so cozy :)


Love these little turkeys!!

Fall mantle :)

Enjoy these wonderful fall days!!

Hard to believe!

Me and my babies!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Victoria's Fall Foto Shoot :)

She was looking at her big brudder here!:

 My favorite! I think she looks like such a lady! :

All done!

Friday, October 5, 2012

July 4th!

I know it is really late, but here are our July 4th pics (click on them to view larger) :)

Cousins! (Second cousins, actually :) )

These are pillowcase dresses I made for them

 Lovies!! He LOVES his Prissy :) (her name is Tynslee, but Prissy is her nickname)