Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Outside fun!

Today it is warm, windy and in the 70's.. There is a pretty big chance for bad tornadoes tonight, but we are enjoying being out before the weather turns cold again! Thankful we have a big in-garage storm shelter!!

Watching Brudder play before we went out..

Showing off her chompers!!

Pretty eyes <3

Love the leg warmers from Kate!

Rompin' barefoot around the yard!

Feeling the rain drops "storms comin!"

Playing in the dirt with Brudders tractor :)



Monday, January 21, 2013

Random pics

Doing a huge photo dump today :) So here are some more pics...

LOVE snuggling her to sleep :)

Anddd, she's off! We have a walker!!

Concentration ;)

My model! She wanted to wear the new dress I made her :)

Watching daddy fly the rc helicopter!


Here are some pics of some of our friends!

Joelle and Victoria (J's nickname is Jellie so we call them team Jellie-Bird) :D

Joelle's big brother, Luke

 James and Ian- friends since birth :)

Ian's little sister, Nora :)

Silly kiddos :)

Party pics

She didn't care much for the cupcake, I think it was too messy for her ;)

All messy after her cupcake :)

7 layer dips

Bird cupcakes :)

Strawberry cake pops

Tissue pom poms

Victoria's 1st Birdday :D

On Saturday our sweet Victoria Faith turned 1! Soo hard to believe! She has been such an easy, sweet baby :)

 A year ago...

A year full of sunshine!

My big birthday girl!!

I think this is my favorite pic <3

Tuesday, January 8, 2013