Monday, March 4, 2013

Valentines Day

We had a wonderful, wonderful Valentines day! We started out the morning by making cinnamon rolls and enjoying a nice breakfast together as a family, then later that morning Taylor left and came back. He asked me to send James out to the car and he came back in with a dozen roses and said "Love you, Mama!" and Taylor said Happy Valentines Day... then Taylor gave Victoria a rose, his tiny Valentine :) She was soo thrilled! James and I made Valentines cupcakes and I made chocolate covered strawberries and raspberry chocolate cheesecake for after the kiddos bedtime :) Love my fam <3

Adorable baby Valentines <3

My Handsome Valentine 

Taylor confessed he had another Valentine.. This sweet girl :)

Valentines sign I made for the wall
We made Valentines together

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