Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random snapshots

Both carseat pics taken by Taylor of the kiddos at close to the same age!

James made himself a drum set this morning.. using two whisks for sticks ;) He would count "1, 3, 4" banging them together then he would start drumming!

This is what happens after every naptime! Whichever one is up first always tries to wake the other up. If James is up first, he says "Bird get up!" and if she is up first she tries to race in the room and run to his bed and wake him up.. Lol! Then they hug and kiss each other..So sweet!!

James got all of the canisters out of the pantry, lined them up and pointing at the big ones said " Mama, Daddy, Grandpa, etc. Then pointing at the little ones he said "Buggy, Bird" Lol!

The other day I decided to let them play with a huge box of packing peanuts! They had a blast and made a huge mess.. Lol! Glad my new vacuum easily cleaned
 them up ;) 

Cart Cuties!!

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