Monday, October 7, 2013


We spent the weekend in Branson with family.. Lots of shopping, beautiful scenery, yummy food and fun with the kids! We had a BLAST and the kids did great and slept well!

On the way up! Victoria slept for like 2 1/2 hours! They did soo good in the car!

The scenery was soo pretty!

We had a BLAST at SDC! Rode a few coasters and rides, which James LOVED! He laughed the whole way!

I got Victoria down for bed in the hotel and Dad and Tina sat with her while Taylor, Dari, Tyler, James and I went go cart riding! It was SO fun and James felt so big staying up late doing stuff with us ;)

The go cart track had an arcade so we played a bunch of games and got enough tickets that James was able to pick out a bag of "treasures" :)

All the boys had fun ;)

My air hockey partner :)

Feeding a shark at the aquarium! It snatched the fish off the pole so hard it almost pulled the pole in the water!

The next night, the guys babysat while us girls all hit the Landing for some fun shopping!

This is about how fast Victoria wants to go ;) She loved this little Barney ride!

This pic cracks me up.. After breakfast at the hotel. The kids love "their TyTy" 

Gorgeous scenery coming home! We stopped at little places along the rural highway and got fresh apples and peaches and smoked meats and cheeses. They taste SOO good!

Almost home and still all smiles! They did great!!

Ahh! Little Rock!!!

And now back to reality, and a MONDAY no less ;) It is a beautiful fall morning though which is lovely!!!

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