Saturday, July 27, 2013

Visit with Grandma!

Grandma came to visit this week, for 5 days! We had a BLAST! It was SO much fun!! We haven't been able to see her since Victoria was a newborn, so we thoroughly enjoyed so much time together! Victoria warmed RIGHT up to her, which is incredible for her ;)

We stayed very busy- playing bubbles, puzzles, and toys with the kiddos, her and I went out to eat mexican, went to the quilt shop (and I got fun new fabrics to make 2 quilt tops!), quilted, laughed, and just had a great time!!

3 Generations!


Two pretty ladies!!!

Grandma snuggles :)

Love her so much!

I made her this necklace and she wore it the whole time she was here :)

All my new fabrics! So yummy :)


6 things I learned about Grandma during her visit here:
1. Her and I think, eat and act a lot alike
2. She is a FABULOUS and patient teacher, whether it be advanced math, quilting or puzzles with the kids
3. She is so much fun!
4. She has as sharp of a mind and as much energy as a 20 year old (even after heart cath, etc)
5. Kids love her
6. She told me so much info about math and quilts I thought my head would explode

Missing her like crazy :(

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